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Box Top Robbery
Season 1, Episode 41-52
Vital statistics
Air date 1960
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Box Top Robbery is the second story arc of The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show.


The basis of the world economy is not gold, silver, or even uranium but, rather, cereal boxtops. Fiduciary Blurt, the head of the World Economic Council, has informed members that someone is flooding the market with counterfeit box tops, threatening to devastate the world economy. Suspicion quickly falls on Bullwinkle, who has amassed tens of thousands of box tops. However, Bullwinkle has come by his fortune legitimately, and once his name has been cleared he is asked to appear before the Council as an expert on box tops. Blurt also summons his chief security officers, Hemlock Soames and Dr. Watkins, who are actually Boris and Natasha in disguise. As they are in fact the box top counterfeiters they realize that the jig is up and set about bundling off their stash of counterfeits, just as Rocky and Bullwinkle discover their hiding place. The heroes survive being launched into the air in an elevator car and fired upon by the Coast Guard. Boris and Natasha's printing press is accidentally destroyed by Rocky and Bullwinkle, who are given a parade and awarded medals before heading off into the sunset.


  • Boris' plan to control the world's economy by counterfeiting cereal boxtops had to be resolved early because of objections from cereal manufacturer General Mills, the show's sponsor and owner.
  • This saga is on home video, however, segment 1 was combined with segment 2, 3 1/2 was combined with 10. The segments with Bullwinkle hanging from the clock were deleted. Video includes: DUDLEY DO-RIGHT OF THE MOUNTIES: Snidley's Sawmill ,FRACTURED FAIRY TALES: The Enchanted Frog, AESOP AND SON: The Jack Rabbits and the Mule.