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Greenpernt Oogle
Season 2, Episode 105-116
Vital statistics
Air date 1960-1961
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Greenpernt Oogle is the fifth story arc of Rocky and Bullwinkle


Something fishy's going on in the little town of Frostbite Falls, one night, two mysterious figures break into Rocky and Bullwinkle's house. To make sure he doesn't get in the way, Rocky gets tied to a chair, and gagged, while the men knock Bullwinkle out with a sleeping potion. They then gently put Bullwinkle's off in a box, and sneak away taking Bullwinkle with them in a mysterious plane.


  • This story arc attracted the ire of the network. ABC objected to the heroes being burned at the stake, claiming this was tantamount to canniablism Jay Ward humorously noted the difference between humans, moose and squirrels, and the story was allowed to continue. This is reflected in the Narrator's comment: "While the network-approved flames climbed higher and higher..."
    • This would later resurface in a joke in the Season 5 story arc involving the Bumbling Brothers Circus, in which an Indian has Rocky tied to a stake and plans to set fire to it. Rocky interjects that the network says what he is doing is wrong. However, the Indian claim that they are merely 'roasting' Rocky, and that makes the situation ok.