Missouri Mish Mash
Season 3, Episode 3
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Directed by Unknown
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Missouri Mish Mash is the tenth story arc of Rocky and Bullwinkle. 


Rocky and Bullwinkle journey to Peaceful Valley, Missouri, for a moose convention, but soon find themselves in the middle of a feud between the Hatfuls and the Floys. Meanwhile, Fearless Leader accompanies Boris in search of a powerful hat called the Kirwood Derby, which, when worn, made the bearer the most intelligent being that ever lived, but it had to be found by the stupidest creature alive, so Bullwinkle is used to track it down. Rocky plans to give it to the government, Fearless Leader wishes to use it to take over the world, and Boris wants it so that he can usurp Fearless Leader. However, the Moon Men Gidney and Cloyd explain that the Kirwood Derby really belongs on the Moon, as it is the "crown" of their otherwise addle-headed prince. Fearless Leader and Boris are both foiled, and the Moon Men return the Derby to its rightful owner.


  • This episode is notorious for nearly provoking a lawsuit. Durward Kirby, Garry Moore's dumb-but-affable sidekick (who had, during a Polaroid commercial, ripped the entire roll of film out of the camera), was not happy about a spoonerized version of his name applied to a hat that made its wearer supremely intelligent. When Kirby's lawyer called Jay Ward and threatened to sue, Ward's response was "Great! We'll pay you to sue us!". The suit was dropped.
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