Known errors in Mr. Peabody and Sherman film.

  •  Robespierre's portrayal, depicted as a livid, duelling hungry arch enemy of France and attempted executioner of Mr. Peabody when in reality he was a pacifist, arguing against war with Austria, for the abolition of the death penalty (save King Louis XVI). Even the game based on the movie says he was a ruthless tyrant and excludes the truth.
  •  The wives of Pharaohs being killed to keep their husbands company in the afterlife. This did happen with early Egyptian kings, but was discontinued long before the reign of King Tut.
  • The Trojan War is shown to have actually happened, however there is no evidence that the Trojan War happened.
  • Lisa Gerhandini is incorrectly named Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa is a painting showing her.
  • In the film, all Ancient Egyptians are shown to wear sandles. But in all actuality Ancient Egyptians went barefoot.
  • St Patrick speaks with an Irish accent in one episode. He was actually English and travelled to Ireland, therefore he should have had an English accent.
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