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Ms. Edwina Grunion
Background Information
Feature Films
Mr. Peabody & Sherman
Television Series
Video Games
Allison Janey
Character Information
The Grunion
Evil, petty, bigoted, corrupt
Fat with black hair and a pink suit
Social worker
New York City (formerly)
Some cats
Everyone else
Discriminating, taking children away from parents
"You're all dogs, but you can't change the law!"

Ms. Edwina Grunion is the main antagonist in Mr. Peabody & Sherman


Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Mrs. Grunion is first introduced when Mr. Peabody is meeting with the principal about Sherman biting Penny the lunch room. She walks out of an office in the side of the Principal's office. She is shown to have more power over the principal and is determined to have the adoption agency reclaim Sherman from Mr. Peabody.

Later on, after she did try to take Sherman away, Mr. Peabody's fatherly instinct got the best of him and he decided to bite her arm. Ms. Grunion called the police to have him taken away to the pound. Shortly thereafter, a hole was ripped in the space-time continuum when Sherman and Mr. Peabody returned independently to when they were already in the present, resulting in two of each person. Peabody and Sherman fix the hole, but Grunion proclaims that one day Mr. Peabody will make a wrong move and that then, she will get him. Agamemmon grabs her as he is taken back to his time, taking her as well, preventing any chances of Grunion getting revenge. In a post-credits scene, she is last seen marrying Agammemmon. 


Mrs. Grunion is a corrupt and evil social worker that is attempting to get Sherman taken away from Mr. Peabody. However, she does not really care for Sherman's well being, she actually wants to ruin Sherman's and Mr. Peabody's lives and make them miserable. She even went to as far as reporting Peabody to the police with a false accusation, just so she can have him put down, not even caring that all of Peabody's friends were sticking up for him. 

Physical Appearance

Ms. Grunion is fat and has black hair. She wears a pink suit.


  • Grunion's voice actress Allison Janney also voiced Gladys Sharp, one of the main antagonists in Over the Hedge, another film by DreamWorks Animation.
  • The character's illustration bears a striking resemblance to actress Marcia Gay Harden in a fat suit.
  • She probably does not want Peabody to have Sherman because she hates dogs. 
  • Grunion might have been killed in the past, because when Agamemnon brings home his new wife...his old one won't take it very well.
  • Given her actions and downright evil ways, Grunion is easily the most evil villain in the whole Rocky and Bullwinkle franchise and the Jay Ward franchise in general. 
  • In the storybook version of the movie, Washington has Grunion arrested, rather than taken back to the past.
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