Rue Brittainia
Mosse foot
Season 2, Episode 117-124
Vital statistics
Air date 1961
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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 Rue Brittania is the 6th story arc of Rocky and Bullwinkle.


The Earl of Crankcase passes on, but instead of his three devious nephews, Bullwinkle stands to inherit a million-pound note due to an inscription on his foot, reading "Rue Britannia". In order to claim it, Bullwinkle and Rocky must spend a week in the ancestral home, Abominable Manor. This is made difficult as the nephews hire Boris and Natasha to (at first) do away with him, but then they move to Plan B: making Bullwinkle lose the inheritance by exiting the manor. The villains are foiled, but it's revealed that the inscription on one of Bullwinkle's feet was merely an imprint left when he steps on his bath mat. The nephews receive the million-pound note, but it turns out to be a promissory note, and they end up having to pay it back. In the final scene, Bullwinkle shows Rocket ("Rocky") his other foot with the same "Rue Brittania" imprint which never went away.


  • At the end, Bullwinkle reveals to Rocky that although the one foot with "Rue Brittana" written on wore off, his other foot also said Rue Brittana but never comes off. Earlier in the story when the Crankcase nephews check Bullwinkle's feet one of them said "Check other foot for inscription."
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