Ruff Guyz / George Crum
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Season 2, Episode 11
Vital statistics
Air date 2016
Written by Kara Lee Burk, Careen Ingle, Greg Miller, John T. Reynolds, and Matt Smith
Directed by Greg Miller
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Ruff Guyz / George Crum is the twenty fourth episode of The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show.


Sherman digs through Mr. Peabody's old stuff and realizes that he was part of a band called "Ruff Guyz" and decides to do a reunion on the show; George Crum has invented potato chips, but keeps putting them off for other careers. 


  • Some sources claim George Crum didn’t invent the potato chip in 1853, and that accolade goes to William Kitchiner in 1817, in his cookbook, The Cook’s Oracle.
    • In the US, Mary Randolph’s Virginia House-Wife (1824) and N.K.M. Lee’s Cook’s Own Book (1832) both cite Kitchiner.
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