Seen It / Edgar Allan Poe
Season 4, Episode 12
Vital statistics
Air date 2017
Written by Mike Leffingwell
Directed by Mike Bell
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Seen It / Egdar Allan Poe is the fifty first episode of The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show.


A heckler disrupts the show, throwing Peabody and Sherman off their game; when Edgar Allan Poe becomes smitten, Peabody and Sherman help the writer connect with his dark side.


  • When the fans are holding signs for Peabody and Sherman's show a sign which says "Where's Penny?"
    • This is quite possibly an in-joke from the writers who are possibly aware of the fans' questioning of Penny's disappearance in the show
  • The plot where Edgar Allen Poe becomes Jolly is similar to the plot from the time squad episode "Every Poe Has a Silver Lining"


  • The heckler said that they had a a medieval special in episode 21. But it actually happened on episode 12.
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