The Dark Side of the Moon
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Season 1, Episode 6-9
Vital statistics
Air date May 11, 2018
Written by Marco Schnabel (story)

Scott Fellows, Nathan Knetchel, Keith Wagner, Mike Leffingwell & Benjamin Siemon (teleplay)

Directed by Howie Perry, Chuck Sheetz and Greg Miller
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The Stink of Fear Moosebumps!
The Dark Side of the Moose is the second story arc of The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.


To impress people at their high school reunion, Rocky and Bullwinkle decide to go into outer space. When Boris and Natasha hijack a rocket ship at the duo's space school, the two have a close encounter with a space alien, who they try to help return to his home planet. However, Fearless Leader and two eccentric billionaires have plans of their own...

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four


  • This marks Gidney and Cloyd's return to the franchise. Instead of being brothers, they are father and son. 
  • Old Bill in his Netflix version appear at the end of the second arc as a cameo. 
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