The Three Moosketeers
Season 3, Episode 1
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Wailing Whale Lazy Jay Ranch
 The Three Moosketeers is the tenth Rocky and Bullwinkle Story Arc.


The small province of Applesauce-Lorraine is favored but it's natural barrier of Limburger Lilies, keeping out potential invaders (even those with sinus problem), and by a wise ruler, the good king Once-A-Louse. But when the greedy Francois Villain overthrows the king, he bankrupts the kingdom with his spendthrift ways, and then institutes dread new taxes, such as the carpet and the thumb tax. Ninety-year-old former Musketeer, Athos, crotchets to the rescue, traveling to America to summon his retired compatriots. Rocky and Bullwinkle can't resist the challenge of helping Athos rescue the citizens of Applesauce-Lorraine from the evil Francois Villain, so, with the aid of the Weeders Digest, they figure out how the breach the impregnable Limburger Lilly border. Soon Bullwinkle's way with a shish-kabob skewer has dispatched several of Villain's men, but Villain and his arch spy, Citizen Philipee Mignon, are ready with evil trickery and our would-be rescuers end up in a locked room with the walls closing in. Bullwinkle decides to while away the time while the walls are closing in by yo-yoing. But in Applesauce-Lorraine, where the citizenry still lives as if it were the sixteenth century, a yo-yo is one of the wonders of the world. The evil Francois Villain trades out heroes' jobs in the scullery as cooks for the prized yo-yo. Once there, Rocky bakes a huge cake and hides Bullwinkle in it to overhear the whereabouts of the legitimate king, but the plucky squirrel may have cut things a little too thin, because the hungry Francois is wielding a disturbingly large cake-carving knife. The cake-encased moose is allergic to baking powder and the resulting mega-sneeze splatters the evil Francois Villain with frosting. Eventually, Bullwinkle's single-minded pursuit of the wrongfully imprisoned good king, Once-A-Louse, leads to a stage center and a date with a snappy blade, but Rocky takes his pal's place under the guillotine. Has he lost his head, or is he going to?


  • This saga, along with: Lazy Jay Ranch, Missouri Mish Mash, Topsy Turvey World, Painting Theft, The Treasure of Monte Zoom, Goof Gas Attack, and Banana Formula have not been in reruns since the 1970's
  • The animation in this season is the best as it is, and stays that way. The only change is that towards the end of season 4, Natasha's dress changes from purple to red.
  • This season starts the new format when there are three segments in each episode, not two. In fact, in case the segments don't make an even three, some episodes may have four segments. This season also starts playing all of the "Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat" skits. Although, reruns don't play the final one where Bullwinkle pulls Rocky out of the hat.
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