Peabodyverse Encyclopedia

The Wormhole Activating and Bridging Automatic Computer (or WABAC, pronounced wayback) is a time machine Mr. Peabody invented for Sherman in both the original 1960s cartoon and 2014 film. Its title is a play on names of early computers such as the UNIVAC and ENIAC, reflecting Peabody's love for puns. It is an extremely major plot point in the franchise as it serves as both Mr. Peabody and Sherman's means of having adventures as well as the symbol for Peabody's love towards his boy/son.


1960s Cartoon[]


Peabody and Sherman entering the 1960s WABAC

In the series, the WABAC is has a typical 60's high tech design, complete with wires, buttons, and dials. The entrance is literally a door to the past. On the first side of the door is the penthouse and on the other side is the selected time and destination that the machine is set to.



The modern WABAC, as seen in the film.

In the film, the WABAC is a spherical machine with hexagonal tiles designed to camouflage into its environment. However, the machine's true exterior color is a polished orange with a windshield in the front as well as a secluded two-door entrance. The machine has the ability to hover in any direction the pilot driver (usually Peabody himself) directs it to do. Inside, the primary color is gray and the lighting is dim. Most controls are smooth, excluding a large red button which commences the warp to the desired time and location and the holographic controls used to further control and monitor the machine.