Topsy Turvy World
Season 3, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date 1962
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Missouri Mish Mash Painting Theft
Topsy Turvy World is the eleventh story arc in the Rocky and Bullwinkle Series.  


The weather in Frostbite Falls is sure peculiar this April! Instead of the usual touch of frostbite in the air in Frostbite, the sun is actually shining, and a dilly of a daffodil is already in bloom! Could the weather actually be changing? The hibernating bears will tell, Rocky realizes, but when Bullwinkle helpfully points out the Hibernian right there on the street, the citizens go a-shrieking away! When Rocky tries to get the weather report from the newspaper, the sweet-tempered squirrel is incensed to learn that the weather report has been classified for the duration of the emergency period. Bullwinkle prudently inquires, so our heroes rush to the town library to read up on the subject of the suddenly sunny local weather, but along with the volumes in the stacks is a pair of beady eyes. Is that beady-eyed, Bogartish kinda guy with the gun on'im the librarian perhaps? Our heroes hopefully surmise, or maybe a refugee from some other TV show, some gritty crime drama? Whichever... he's got them at gunpoint and is marching them right through the center of town, which surprises the always-helpful townsfolk who hadn't realized it was moose-and squirrel-hunting season. The agent takes them to his chief, who turns out to be their old pal, the wrong-way expert, Captain Peachfuzz himself, who informs our friends that even the word W-H-E-T-H-E-R has been classified. But when Rocky corrects the good captain about his spelling, Peachfuzz immediately concludes that our heroes already know what the agent has been trying to keep hush-hush, namely, that the weather-and the world-is turning upside down. Those two learned polymaths, Professor Werner Von Beige and Captain Peter Wrongway Peachfuzz, explains exactly why the earth has turned upside down: It seems that the North Pole has become top-heavy with ice and "slipped" down into the West Pacific; that outs Frostbite Falls on the equator and Chicago where Honolulu used to be. Naturally, Von Beige's fellow scientists think he's inverted his toupee-flipped his lid, that is-until California is flooded and, Disneyland has to be evacuated. It's backward to the new West Pole with Captain Peachfuzz at the controls and enough heating pads and snaps of Lola Lollapalooza along to melt things back to normal, but before you can say Wrong Way! The plane goes down and our heroes parachute it back to the airport, where, because it's a long journey, they run out of gas, thereby, Bullwinkle proudly points out setting a new record: crashing two planes in one episode! Whether a plane or FM radio, Bullwinkle disdains to use it to call for help; after all, they are TV people, aren't they? But so desperate is the situation that it's even too late for jokes.

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